Highlander Program

Started in 2003, the Mt. Diablo Silverado Council’s Highlander program encourages youth in Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and Venturing to experience the outdoor wonders that exist within our Council. The program is a series of 14 progressive hikes with a center patch awarded with the first hike and a rocker for each hike. Patches are available for purchase at the Pleasant Hill Scout Shop, or by mail order with the patch order form. Many of the hikes are specific trails, but others, Briones for example, may be awarded for any hikes done within the park. Most of the hikes can be done by youth of any age, however the more difficult ones should only be attempted by Boy Scouts or Venturers.

All of the trips can be completed as day hikes, and overnight camping is available at or near every site. Specific information on camping facilities is listed for each hike. Please remember to file a tour permit and get all necessary approvals ahead of time.

While on the trail, be sure to follow Scouting guidelines with regard to courteous and safe hiking. When everyone does this, it helps to maintain the excellent reputation BSA has and allows future Scouts the same access that we enjoy today.

Maps and further information can be obtained from a number of sources. Often California State Parks have very good maps available through a visitor’s center or ranger station, in addition to informational flyers about the park. Topographic maps from the USGS can also be a good source, however they do not always contain the most complete or up to date trail information. Phone numbers for each park are available on the individual hike pages. Be sure to refer to resources on hike information for current trail or park conditions.

Finally, have fun. We are extremely lucky to have so many beautiful outdoor areas within the Mt. Diablo Silverado Council, do not let them go to waste. Get out there and go hiking!

Patches can be obtained at the Pleasant Hill Scout Shop or by completing and sending in the Highlander Order Form

Click on any of the images below to get details for each hike.

Anderson Marsh Hike
Bald Mountain Hike
Black Diamond Hike
Boggs Mountain Hike
Briones HIke
Dorn Trail Hike
Fages Trail Hike
Goat Rock Hike
Las Trampas Hike
Mt.Diablo Hike
Mt. Konocti Hike
Mt. St. Helena Hike
Redbud Trail Hike
Snow Mountain Hike