Spring 2020 Online Sales
It’s safe, quick, and easy!  Sell SAFELY online through the Trail’s End App to pay for Scouting programs, help others
in need, and earn rewards to buy what your family needs during this tough time.  Click HERE for details.

Register your pack/troop to sell Popcorn for Fall 2020       (Download QR Code)
Registering now ensures that you will receive all the popcorn information and updates.

Fall 2020 Popcorn Sale Dates   [dates are pending]

  • August __ — Unit’s show & sell order placed online or turned in to your district’s Popcorn Kernel
  • September __ — Popcorn Pick Up for Show and Sell order at:
    • Camp Herms – 1100 James Place, El Cerrito (all districts EXCEPT Meridian, Chief Solano, Lake, & Silverado)
  • October __ — Last day to return product for credit – no chocolate returns and full cases only. Return Form
  • October __ — Unit’s Take order placed online
  • October __ — Prize orders due online
  • November __— Popcorn Pick up for Take orders.Payment of amount due payable to MDSC-BSA due at pick up. You should check your online Trails-End unit account after Nov. 6 to see if you owed to MDSC or not, and if so how much.
    • Camp Herms – 1100 James Place, El Cerrito (all districts EXCEPT Meridian, Chief Solano, Lake, & Silverado)
    • Bishop Ranch – 3001 Bishop Drive, San Ramon (Meridian)
      • Sign up for Bishop Ranch, San Ramon (Th 11/14 only):
    • Rockville Bible Church – 720 Link Rd, Fairfield (Chief Solano, Lake, & Silverado)

BART Sign-ups

BART Station sign-ups. Round 1 (_______) will begin.
[sign ups pending]

The rules are still the same; one slot per week per unit.  Contact Arnel for more info:  arnel.jaime@scouting.org

BART December 2019 Permit and Rules

2020 Popcorn Kernel’s Guidepending

2020 Popcorn Order Form and Prize Listpending

Register your pack/troop to sell Popcorn for 2020 

Get the Trail’s End App (for each scout family)

Request for Certificate of Insurance (COI for selling at stores, etc.)

Questions and Answers


 Ideas for Having a Great Popcorn Fundraiser video

To help get you the help you need quickly, here is a quick list of who to contact for specific topics:

  • Trails’ End support through Facebook or email – general questions regarding login, passwords, the web portal, the app, payout options, etc. They do reply fairly quickly.
  • District Kernel or District Executive – finding a Buddy unit, popcorn transfers, selling location tips, Certificate of Insurance for selling locations (District Executive Only).
  • Council Co-Kernels – best practice questions on inventory control, storefront sales, wagon sales.