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Wolfeboro 2019

The outdoor adventure is the biggest part of Scouting–indeed three fourths of SCOUTING is “outing”.

Camp Wolfeboro is located in the high Sierra Nevada Mountains on the shores of the Stanislaus River. We have an enthusiastic and interactive staff that will help you achieve your summer camp goals and provide you with an unbeatable Scouting experience.  Your troop campsite is the heart of your program for advancement, high adventure, developing better leaders, breathing pristine mountain air and FUN ! ! !

This season offers six sessions of the Wolfeboro experience that will challenge and inspire everyone who attends… and more.

2019 Wolfeboro Reservation Form

Camp Wolfeboro 2017 Historic Structure Report


Online Site Reservations

2019 Camp Wolfeboro Fee Chart


2019 Summer Camp Site Reservations

 Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5Week 6 
24 CampTroop 24Troop 24 Troop 104Troop 21 RE  
Big Sandy     Troop 226 
BouckeTroop 874 Tr. 171/173 Troop 834Troop 48 
BridgeTroop 8100Troop 832 Troop 76Troop 343 Troop 201 
CedarTroop 100 Troop 514 Troop 243  
CliffTroop 21 Troop 2020 Troop 219Troop 1811 
CreeksideTroop 146Troop 90 Troop 674Troop 237Troop 239 
Eagle    Troop 7012 Troop 328 
Granite    Troop 7007  
Little Sandy    Troop 1776  
Manzanita Troop 185Crew 514 Troop 69 GE  
McPhersonTroop 793     Troop 504 
PolarisTroop 19 Troop 7516    
Riverside Troop 101 SVMB    Troop 303 
RodeoTroop 444Troop 202Tr 604 SVMBTroop 8853 Troop 282 
TuolumneTroop 200  Troop 810Troop 792Troop 282 
White Fir Troop 405Tr 912 SFBATroop 440 Troop 1630 

$250 deposit per campsite due with reservation – offset against Scout and adult fee payments


Effective April 30, 2018, Boy Scouts of America mandated that all direct contact leaders take the NEW Hazardous Weather Training.

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Leader’s Guide

Wolfeboro Leaders Guide Final

Update coming soon

Parent’s Guide

Wolfeboro Parents Guide

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Merit Badge Signup

Available via GreenBar once fees fully paid

Scoutmaster’s Camp Meeting

Camp Wolfeboro Leaders Meeting

A.C.E. Flyer

ACE Flyer

A.C.E. Program

Official Ace Program Guide

Provisional Program

Wolfeboro Provisional Program 2019

Webelos Weekend

Webelos Weekend 2019

The main purpose of camp is to provide a place to learn, develop character, and experience new skills and opportunities. One of the most important ways we can offer this is to have a staff that can be role models for our campers. The Scouts and Scouters who attend camp will remember staff far longer than they’ll remember merit badges, climbing, or campfire skits.

Camp Staff
If you are interested in becoming a part of our Camp Staff and experiencing summer camp like never before, please see the camp staff application and other info found at the link below.

Wolfeboro Staff Employment Information


Directions to Wolfeboro

Wolfeboro 2018 Camp Weekly Schedule

We are a nationally Accredited Camp-Boy Scouts of America NCAP Program partnering with the USFS    Partnering with the USFS